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Susan Swanbeck R.M.T. H.H.C.P.
Media Director
Radio Show Host, Videography, Photography, Editing, and Production is some of her many skills.
A woman extraordinaire who can Produce, Edit, Film, take photos and can investigate the heck out of anywhere!! She can meet all of your Film, Photo, Sound and Media needs.
Photos will be available for purchase available on website.
Her passion is evident in all she does. She also is a Veteran Paranormal Investigator. Susan’s shows she has Produced herself have been shown in 14 local towns.
Her instincts as a Empath make her invaluable to anyone who may require her. Her Evps have also been the subject of a Book.
Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher, Reverand. Certified Professionally and Scientifically a True Empathic Spirit Reader and Clairvoyant.
Little Known fact is she also is a Intuitive Counselor, Parapsychologist with a Degree in Psychology.
Blessed by a Shaman and a Celtic Witch, Susan is Very Unique, Caring and ready to assist anyone in need.
Known as ParaMa in the paranormal field, She is a Mentor to many..

Nora  Tayoun-Truscello

Using her best-selling books and programs, Nora educates others on accessing intuition. With over 30 years of experience as an executive in the business world, Nora never ignored her intuitive abilities. Nora has successfully integrated intuition throughout her business career seeing it as her most resourceful tool.

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