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What is Reiki


Usui Reiki Is an ancient Hands-On art that intentionally Channel Chi energy to promote balance and well-being. Reiki is channeled from the universe to the clients through a Reiki practitioner. It is a healing technique that treats the whole person physically emotionally mentally and spiritually Reiki can have a profound effect on your health and well-being by cleansing and rebalancing your internal energy system. When Reiki comes into contact with energy that is blocked or imbalance it naturally dissolve transmute and raises the quality of that energy to the healthiest level that is best for your body Mind and Spirit. Reiki does not conflict or interfere with any religious beliefs.

Reiki  Level 1

You will learn about Reiki where it came from and how to use it in everyday life. You will be taught about chakras, the colors, and what they represent and how to scan a client's body. An Attunement will be given. After the Attunement you will learn self healing and the healing of others as well as plants and animals

Reiki level 1  $125.00

Next class  is February 16 2018

on Zoom from 1PM eastern time

till 4-30 Pm

Link for class will be given after payment and  Half hour before class starts..

Please leave email adress for me to send out the link.

space is limited

Reiki Level 2

In this  class you will learn three of the Sacred symbols of Reiki and how to use them to better enhance your healing ability. To have the opportunity to help more people in your work and for yourself as well. At this point group and distance healing will also be practiced. You will learn more about chakras cleansing balancing and which way they should spi, you will learn how to correct the spinning you will receive your II internment

Reiki 2    $225.00

Reiki 3 and Master Teacher

This degree is after a student has shown that he or she has  grasped the concepts and has made a commitment to work with Reiki in a responsible manner. You will receive your last Attunement Master symbols and more information on healing, chords, and how to cut them. The difference between master and master teacher the master will not receive the Attunement symbols, nor will you be able to InTune Reiki on anyone else.

One day class for master.

Two Day class for master teacher

Reiki 3 Mater $350.00

Reiki 3 Master Teacher $450.00

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