The Hosts


Reverend Susan Swanbeck

Susan Swanbeck CEO

 Emphatic spirit reader


 Holistic counselor

Reiki Master Teacher


Chakra Balancing & Healing

Sound healing


Energy Healing


Animal Healings


 Empathic spirit reader that has been talking with Spirit since the age of 4 ½. Born a Celtic , who was mentored by a Native American Indian and a Catholic Celtic Witch in all aspects of their Spiritual Knowledge Learning to Combine and Control her gifts. 


  Founder, Producer and ,  Host of Awakening The Unknown a Metaphysical, paranormal radio show on ATU network in which she is the CEO. A Reiki Master Teacher, Board certified Holistic counselor, A Paranormal investigator, and Former Lead Psychic investigator for Whaling City Ghosts, EVP, Videography, Photographer, Editing,  and evidence reviewing.

Little Known fact is she also is a Intuitive Counselor, Parapsychologist with a Degree in Psychology.


I have worked on Demonic cases with a reverend and or a Deacon. I have helped many groups on the cases, my empathic side causes me to Mother others, and so I ended up with the Nick name Parama. I also produce shows for cable access any form Paranormal, Historical right down to helping those in need.




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