The Hosts


Reverend Susan Swanbeck

Susan Swanbeck CEO

 Emphatic spirit reader


 Holistic counselor

Reiki Master Teacher


Chakra Balancing & Healing

Sound healing


Energy Healing


Animal Healings


 Empathic spirit reader that has been talking with Spirit since the age of 4 ½. Born a Celtic , who was mentored by a Native American Indian and a Catholic Celtic Witch in all aspects of their Spiritual Knowledge Learning to Combine and Control her gifts. 


  Founder, Producer and ,  Host of Awakening The Unknown a Metaphysical, paranormal radio show on ATU network in which she is the CEO. A Reiki Master Teacher, Board certified Holistic counselor, A Paranormal investigator, and Former Lead Psychic investigator for Whaling City Ghosts, EVP, Videography, Photographer, Editing,  and evidence reviewing.

Little Known fact is she also is a Intuitive Counselor, Parapsychologist with a Degree in Psychology.


I have worked on Demonic cases with a reverend and or a Deacon. I have helped many groups on the cases, my empathic side causes me to Mother others, and so I ended up with the Nick name Parama. I also produce shows for cable access any form Paranormal, Historical right down to helping those in need.



High Priestess Michelle Sullivan


Formerly known as Michelle Medeiros owner of New Bedford Paranormal, Owner of New Bedford Paranormal Youth Society as well as the Paranormal school of research. Extending her teachings to the middle schools, helping children understand the Paranormal Investigative Roles. 

She is the CO of the ATUnetwork.

Michelle Sullivan CO

Born a Hereditary Witch from a long line of Village Witches and healers, She will use her Psychic gifts and Tarot to give you an all around reading. Tasseography...aka...Tea leaf readings are skills she is available for use of. Herbology expert and Master of Wicca is expertise she is also known for. She is available for all your Magic needs!

Using her skills, Michelle has expertise in all aspects of the paranormal. Doing it all thru the years. Old school methods and modern technology.  Using her knowledge to help her team, other teams and is always willing to jump aboard a case and Help.




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